About us


A wine and food bar that represents the neighborhood by offering amazing new world and old world varieties. Small plates are designed particularly around our amazing wine selection. We prepare seasonal dishes influenced by our international chefs making sure to source from our local farmers and producers.

Thirty5ive is the place to wine & dine



Simo our Sommelier, who is collaborating directly with some small vigneron, has hand selected every wine in house, from his personal Naturel wine to the funky grapes. This is an example, of our wine style selection, that we change depends on the dishes we gonna serve.

Wine menu



Our cuisine is clear, simple and very approachable. We rely on the seasons to tell us what to cook. All of the meat is free range and organic, sustainable seafood is used and our personal produce company makes sure we work from farm to table as much as possible. Chef Mick rotates the menu while pairing the flavor profiles with the wine selections of the evening. This is an expample of our style Menu , that we changed regulary .

Food menu

You can book a table directly at Thirty5ive.
For groups above 6 persons please send an email.

Our lifestyle

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